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Viscount Classical Church Organs

The Galanti family of Italy has been making musical instruments for over a century, and they pioneered Electronic Organs half a century ago. Marcello Galanti founded Viscount International for the purpose of creating the most authentic pipe sounds with electronics.

People's romance with the classic organ

For hundreds of years the classic organ has offered power, majesty and creativity to the musician that commands all the sounds possible through its configuration. It transforms the performer's inner feelings and the composer's intentions into an experience of magnificent proportion to the listener. Viscount now makes it possible for organists throughout the world to experience the thrill that here-to-fore could only be experienced by those musicians and listeners fortunate enough to play on, and listeners to hear in person, organs in the finest cathedrals and venues around the world.

Duplicating the finest organ installation sounds of the world with the technology of the future.

View the Viscount Videos page demonstrating Viscount Organs new Physical Modeling technology.

The Unico Line

Physis technology, through its Unico instruments, can now perfectly reproduce the sound, ambience, and configuration of any organ found in famous venues around the world.

Physis technology, using an advanced multi-processor platform, allows an unprecedented huge calculation power. The DSP array architecture is based on the floating-point state of the art, third generation of SHARC® Processors by Analog Devices. Each of them is capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak performance. Physis, with up to 8 SHARC® Processors, can send and process in excess of 12 Billion instructions per second (sustained rate), thus providing the power to accomplish what digital sampling cannot.

Physis, and its Unico instruments, is the result of 10 years research and development. It is a patented, proprietary technology, developed and owned by Viscount.

The Vivace Line

The two manual Vivace classically voiced organs have been specifically designed for home or small church installations. They are for organists who are looking for an instrument with a comprehensive stop list and excellent tonal quality at a more affordable price.

These highly competitive organs are able to sound the way you like and need. All stops can be changed at the same time to obtain a different musical style with up to six styles being stored in one organ configuration.

Repairs on:

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  • Alesis
  • Allen
  • Arp
  • Baldwin
  • Behringer
  • Bell Duovox
  • Bontempi
  • Carvin
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  • Conn
  • Cordovox
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  • Emminent
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  • Fatar
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  • Galaxy
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  • Hammond
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  • Kimball
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  • Kurzweil
  • Leslie
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  • Viscount
  • Vox
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  • Wurlitzer
  • Yamaha
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