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Maestro II

NEW! Enhancing your home has never been this much fun! The Galileo Maestro II offers you the elegant style of a petite grand piano while allowing you to enjoy incredible and easy-to-use ensemble features. You'll enjoy the realistic 'feel' of an incredible variety of rhythm styles and sounds. You'll sound like a 'Maestro' as you easily add “intros”, “fills” and “endings” - creating fantastic music in any musical style you desire. Record your own compositions in a flash – and store them on the built in SmartMedia Card or Floppy Disk Drives. All of these features are elegantly incorporated in a luxuriously handcrafted petite-grand cabinet with lifting piano lid and roll top key cover. The Galileo Maestro—Elegance and Entertainment all in one!

Galileo Maestro II


  • 88 Advanced Grand Touch PRO™ Progressive Hammer Action with escapement mechanism
  • 8 Touch Sensitivity Settings
  • Tone Generation - iMotion™—Interpolative Synthesis, GS2
  • 128 Note Polyphony
  • GM/GS Compatible
  • 128+ Voices Featuring iMotion Piano Technology
  • Whole, Layer, Split Modes
  • RealMotion Rhythm Technology featuring 128 Styles with 500+ Variations
  • EZ Play System
  • Built in Programmable Professional Effects
  • 32 (Expandable) Internal Panel Memories
  • 5 Track Sequencer with Advanced Edit & Composer
  • MultiMedia Center Features USB, SmartMedia, 3.5” Floppy—plays MID/SMF—features Media Library with Playlists
  • Pedals - Damper, Soft, Sostenuto (All Programmable)
  • High Contrast Graphic LCD, 340X124 Pixels
  • Jacks & Terminals: USB, SPDIF, Video Out, Microphone, Headphones (2), Aux In (2), Aux Out (2), MIDI (In/Out/Thru), Expression Pedal, AC IN
  • 250 Watts Tri-Amplifier system featuring Acoustic Chamber III with Super Sub Bass
  • Power Supply AC110V
  • Available in High Gloss Black, High Gloss Mahogany, High Gloss White, High Gloss "Ferari" Red
  • Hand-made in Italy, Two-stage sliding key cover, 19-Ply Wood Rim, Polished Silver or Brass Hardware, Lifting Prop Lid, Folding Music Desk
  • Dimensions 54”X39"X35", 345 Lbs
  • Includes Matching bench, Power cord, Owner’s Manual, Warranty Card, Quality Control Certificate
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Call for price of Galileo Maestro II, HG Black

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Call for price of Galileo Maestro II, HG White

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Call for price of Galileo Maestro II, HG Mahogany

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Call for price of Galileo Maestro II, "Ferari" Red

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