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Galileo Aria

The Galileo Aria is a luxuriously handcrafted petite-grand piano with intricate wood details and exquisite craftsmanship. Designed and constructed in Italy by skilled artisans, the Aria makes a distinctive statement for your home. The Aria starts with an award-winning key action with escapement - a delicate mechanism that simulates the world's most prestigious concert pianos. The technological process that produces the sound is recognized by experts as the finest in it’s field. This exclusive technology - called iMotion™ - helps you produce all the subtle nuances and timbres of a concert grand piano. The user-friendly layout makes it easy for you to choose from the many entertaining features and there are handy headphone connections for silent practice. Of course, the Aria not only sounds great—but it looks great too! The elegant all wood cabinet has a genuine 19-ply wood rim and authentic piano details—and the powerful Acoustic-Chamber III™ Sound system produces concert-quality sound. The Galileo Aria - an affordable luxury that enhances your home.

Galileo Aria


  • 88 Graded Hammer Wooden Keys - Advanced Grand Touch PRO™ with escapement mechanism
  • Simple user-friendly layout
  • 16 professional quality sounds include Concert Hall Pianos, Electric Piano, Baroque Harpsichord, Nylon Guitar, Orchestral Strings, Concert Choir, Cathedral Pipe Organ, Jazz Electric Organ, Bass & Ride, El. Bass & Upright Bass
  • 64 Note Polyphony (Stereo)
  • All Wood hand-crafted construction, sliding roll-top key cover, 19-ply all-wood rim, True Polyester finish.
  • iMotion™ - Galileo's exclusive piano technology that is recognized by experts as the finest in it's field
  • LCD Display
  • Three full function pedals
  • Professional Digital Effects include Reverbs and Modulations
  • Built in Metronome
  • Split and Layer feature
  • Weight - 315 lbs
  • Connections - Input L/R, Output L/R, Main, Expression Pedal, MIDI In-Out-Thru, To Pedals, Pitch, 2 Headphones
  • Also available in High Gloss Mahogany
  • Includes Matching Piano Bench, Power Cord, Owner's Manual, Warranty Card and Quality Control Certificate

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